Ritorno alla Vigna a Cascina Caremma (4 ottobre 2018)

Tasting dinner at Cascina Caremma

Frecciarossa will be the guest winery of the first dinner of the “Return to the Vineyard” series at Cascina Caremma in Besate (MI) on Thursday, October 4th 2018. The series is focused on the discovery of the viticultural and wine history of the Milan countryside.

Here’s the menu:

• Homemade bread
Salumi with pickled vegetables
• Rosé game aspic
• Pumpkin cream soup with rye bread croutons
• Organic Risotto with fresh Porcini mushrooms
• Crispy pork belly served with Polenta made from stoneground whole flour
• Carsensa with Mascarpone and Passito di Verdea sauce



Name of the event: “Return to the Vineyard”
When: October 4th 2018
Where: Besate (MI)
Location of the event: Cascina Caremma
Address: via Cascina Caremma, 2
Event starts at: 08:00 pm
Price: euro 39,00
Information and reservations: +39.02.9050020
Web: www.caremma.com