Winemakers since 1919

My great grandfather, Mario Odero came back to Italy shortly after WW 1. He was originally from Genova but spent most of his adult life in England, working the coal trade between the UK and Italy. Since he had absolutely no desire to move back to the city he’d left in the first place, he set his mind on buying property in the countryside, and, for a native Genovese, Oltrepo Pavese is an obvious choice. Read more



Construction of Villa Odero.



Mario Odero buys the estate, renovates and reorganises the cellars and vineyards.


Production and marketing of the first bottles, bearing the name: Frecciarossa.



At the end Prohibition in the U.S.A., Frecciarossa is among the first Italian wines to appear on the American market and is issued export permit #19 by INE (Istituto nazionale Per Le Esportazioni).


Margherita Radici Odero renovates cellars and vineyards.



Margherita and her daughter, Valeria decide to switch over to organic agriculture, and 2017 sees the first harvest of certified organic grapes.

Our way of working

We are now officially organic but even before the move, we always made wine with our own grapes which we follow closely throughout the year and harvest by hand in small crates, because we know it takes high quality grapes to make good wine. Read more


Red Wines

White Wines

Vini bianchi - Foto

Rosé Wines

Vini rosé - Foto

Sparkling Wines

Metodo Classico - Foto