Oltrepò terra di Pinot Nero (27/09/2021)

Oltrepò: the land of Pinot Noir

Antica Tenuta Pegazzera in Casteggio (PV) will host “Oltrepò: the land of Pinot Noir“, a day of tastings dedicated to the Oltrepò Pavese Pinot Noir, on Monday, September 27th 2021.

The event will include a walkaround tasting featuring reds and Pinot Noir-based Metodo Classico sparkling wines by 20 Oltrepò Pavese wineries (including ours) and two masterclasses. The first, led by Alessandra Piubello in the morning, will put the focus on the Metodo Classico sparkling wines, while the second, led by Filippo Bartolotta in the afternoon, will provide an in-depth view on the reds.

Please check out the link below to know more and to register to the event:



Name of the event: Oltrepò: land of Pinot Noir
When: September 27th 2021
Where: Casteggio (PV)
Location of the event: Tenuta Pegazzera
Address: via Fratelli Vigorelli, 153
Opening hours: www.terradipinotnero.it
Information and registration to the event: www.terradipinotnero.it