Anteprima del Mercato dei vini FIVI (Broni, 21/11/2019)

Market of FIVI wines taster at Enoteca Regionale della Lombardia

Enoteca Regionale della Lombardia has organised a special event as a taster of the forthcoming Market of FIVI wines (Piacenza, November 23rd-25th 2019). The event will take place on Friday, November 21st 2019.

From 07:30 pm on you could taste the wines of nine FIVI Oltrepò Pavese wineries presented by the winegrowers themselves. The tasting will also include a selection of Lombardy salumi and cheese and one dish cooked by Enoteca Regionale chef Daniele Mascherini.

There will also be a lottery draw that will offer you a chance to win tickets for the Market of FIVI wines at discounted price.

Admission fee is euro 30,00.



Name of the event: Anteprima del Mercato dei vini FIVI
When: November 21st 2019
Where: Broni (PV)
Location of the event: Enoteca Regionale della Lombardia
Address: via Cassino Po, 2
Event starts at: 07:30 pm
Admissione fee: euro 30,00
Information and reservations: +39.0385.833820 or