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L'Acquabuona - Logo
L’ACQUABUONA (08/29/2019)

A portrait of Frecciarossa by Fernando Pardini (plus his tasting notes on our wines).

La Cucina Italiana - Logo

Our Giogio Odero 2015 is Valentina Vercelli’s wine of the week in La Cucina Italiana on line magazine.

L'Acquabuona - Logo
L’ACQUABUONA (07/25/2019)

Fernando Pardini’s thoughts on the Oltrepò Pavese wine region.

Vinodabere - Logo
VINODABERE (07/17/2019)

Tasting of 5 vintages of our Pinot Noir Giorgio Odero: an assessment by AIS sommelier Paolo Valente.

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GQ ITALIA (04/19/2019)

Our Giorgio Odero among the wines selected by Alberto Del Giudice for the Easter meal.

Piattoforte - Logo
PIATTOFORTE (04/05/2019)

Wine journalist Fabio Rizzari on an old bottle of Frecciarossa Grand Cru 1969 opened in a special tasting and found in excellent shape.

La Cucina Italiana - Logo

Our Carillo 2016 among Valentina Vercelli’s suggestions for the best wine pairing with the classic roast chicken.

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WINE SURF (02/15/2019)

A flattering review of our Giorgio Odero by Carlo Macchi.

Winesurf - Logo
WINE SURF (02/13/2019)

An article by Carlo Macchi about Oltrepò Pavese leading wineries.